[MVM] 2014 Update

Hey everyone,

Music Video Mayhem hasn’t had an update in a long time. So today, we are revealing our big update and revamp.

The website has been updated. A new video was released, the radio was updated and new images/banners added.

The new video can be found here

The radio has had another 150 songs hand picked and added, totaling 1288 video game music covers from various artists and bands.

Also, if you check the radio section, you will see that there are not only links to listen, but an embeded player, a status, currently being played and track history.

Also, as you see with the new video, we have a new “series” of videos we’re going to do called Coop Doo-wop, where we play a cooperative game together, and set it to music.

Hope everyone enjoys the new changes!

Thanks from Music Video Mayhem